Places to Visit in Pennsylvania

Places to Visit in Pennsylvania

27 Feb 2024    Emma Adamson    Activities

With its rich history and culture, Pennsylvania has a lot to offer for visitors looking for an opportunity travel to a place full of diversity that includes diverse food options, too! It is a state with the most immigrants that brings justice to the word ‘diversity’.

Along with the beautiful places to see, there are several things to do in Pennsylvania along with your friends and family! Some of these activities include hiking, trekking, attending science exhibitions, and exploring unique Pennsylvanian delicacies.

We will introduce you to some of the best places to visit in Pennsylvania and help you have an adventure of a lifetime:

Names of Places Location
Hershey Hershey, PA, USA
Gettysburg Gettysburg, PA 17325, USA
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA, USA
The Poconos Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, USA
Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA, USA
New Hope Pennsylvania, 18938, USA
Ricketts Glen State Park 695 PA-487, Benton, PA 17814, USA
Lehigh Valley Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Metropolitan Area
Lancaster Pennsylvania, USA
Valley Forge Pennsylvania, USA
Crystal Cave 963 Crystal Cave Rd., Kutztown, PA 19530, United States
Brandywine Valley 300 Greenwood Rd., Kennett Square, PA 19348, United States
Jim Thorpe, PA Pennsylvania, USA
Appalachian Trail WX82+M5 Linden, Virginia, USA
Lake Erie Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York
Canadian Province: Ontario

Top 15 places to visit in Pennsylvania

1. Hershey

places to visit in pennsylvania

Also known as the ‘Sweetest Place on Earth’. Rightfully so, this city has Hershey’s Chocolate World! Here, you can take a free tour with your family and friends and actually get to see how their candies and chocolates are made.

Hershey is well known for its Hershypark, which is an amusement park that attracts several visitors from across the country. This has become a major tourist attraction over the years. It was originally made to be a leisure place for the employees of Hershey’s!

Give your sweet-tooth a good time, pack your bags and bring your family and friends to this wonderland!

2. Gettysburg

Places to visit in pennsylvania

Gettysburg is known for its history associated with the American Civil War. Visitors who are interested in American history should visit this place. The Gettysburg National Military Park preserves the battlefield and allows visitors a chance to visit various sites, museums, and memorials related to the battle.

Along with its history, Gettysburg has a downtown for visitors to experience, that includes small shops, restaurants and bread-and-breakfasts. Guests can opt for guided tours and learn about the rich history about this wonderful place.

3. Pittsburgh

places to visit in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, often known as the “Steel City” or the “City of Bridges”, is a beautiful city located in western Pennsylvania. It is a city that is located between three rivers and has the most spectacular skylines, along with several bridges. Pittsburgh can also be known as the technology hub, education and healthcare. This is surely one of the best places to visit in Pennsylvania if you are someone who enjoys urban adventures along with breathtaking scenic views.

 4. The Poconos

places to visit in pennsylvania

The Poconos, short for Pocono Mountain, is widely known for its natural beauty and for its several outdoor activities. Get to experience one of the most beautiful places in Pennsylvania, especially if you are someone who loves nature. In the Pocono Mountains, you will get to see the beautiful mountains, rich green forests, and fresh lakes. Here, get to enjoy a stay in the beautiful, cozy homes in the local towns!

5. Philadelphia

places to visit in pennsylvania

This is the city where America’s democracy came into existence. Some of its iconic landmarks include Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Philadelphia is also known for its love of sports such as basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer, several dining options, and serene scenic views. Philadelphia is the perfect blend of history and the modern world, where people can experience many unique things in one single place.

6. New Hope

places to visit in pennsylvania

New Hope is a cute little town located in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania. It is located along the banks of the Delaware River. It is widely known for its historical buildings, beautiful views of nature, and charming shops. New Hope is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pennsylvania if you are someone who seeks peace and a nice place to take a stroll, this is the place for you.

7. Ricketts Glen State Park

places to visit in pennsylvania

This is located in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania. It is widely known for its beautiful waterfalls and beautiful hiking trails. There are about 20 named waterfalls here, making it a wonderful place for people who like to explore nature through hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife watching.

8. Lehigh Valley

places to visit in pennsylvania

Lehigh Valley is located in the eastern part of Pennsylvania. It is well-known for its history and cultural attractions. Not to mention its outdoor activities like hiking, trekking and biking. You can also get to experience the historic sites and museums. You can get the best views of nature, along with great local food. This is hands-down one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pennsylvania.

9. Lancaster

places to visit in pennsylvania

Lancaster is a sweet little city known for its rich history, scenic farmland, and Amish culture. There are several historic sites, family-friendly attractions, and delicious Pennsylvanian Dutch food. If history and hospitality interest you, then surely Lancaster is one of the most popular places to visit in Pennsylvania.

10. Valley Forge

places to visit in pennsylvania

This is a historical site that played an important role in the American Revolutionary War. It is well known for being the winter campsite of the Continental Army from 1777 to 1778. This is the place where General George Washington and his troops went through a hard time at peak temperatures while training for battle. Today, visitors get to experience the campsites along with monuments and exhibits.

11. Crystal Cave

This is nature's work of art, which was first discovered in 1871. It is a super fun place to take the whole family. You can explore the cave on a guided tour, challenge yourself with a round of mini golf, and learn about the cave's history through their cool exhibits. You can also check out their cute little stores, where you can purchase unique treasures such as rocks and minerals from all around the world. This is definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Pennsylvania. 

12. Brandywine Valley

It's a beautiful countryside escape less than an hour from Philadelphia. Think of rolling green hills, charming towns, and even some rambling rivers!It's also known as America's Garden Capital, so get ready for some amazing gardens and flowers. Plus, there are cool museums, historic spots, and fun events happening all the time.Whether you want to explore a lively downtown with cute shops and cobblestone streets, or wander through a quiet village with hidden gems, Brandywine Valley has something for everyone.

13. Jim Thorpe, PA

Experience something similar to the calmness of a European village filled with nothing but serenity while being between the mountains! Unique, right? That's exactly what you will feel when you visit this town with your friends and family. Jim Thorpe is named after the 'Greatest Athlete of All Time'. You will learn a lot about the rich history of the town and discover Victorian mansions, which were once home to rich industrialists.


The Appalachian Trail is a long hiking path—over 2,100 miles! It goes through beautiful mountains, forests, farms, and wild areas. People started building it way back in 1921, and today it's taken care of by a bunch of different groups, including park rangers, forest service folks, and even volunteers! Get your inner hiker ready, pack your bags and go spend the day surrounded by the beautiful greenery. It is definitely one of the most happening places to visit in Pennsylvania, for sure. 

15. Lake Erie 

Lake Erie is super special! The water's warm and shallow, making it a perfect home for all kinds of fish and plants. It's like a giant underwater world!  Even cooler, millions of people get their drinking water from the lake. Plus, as water flows through Erie, it creates a strong current that helps power Niagara Falls - the giant waterfall that lights up homes for millions of people, making it one of the best places to visit in Pennsylvania.  


Pennsylvania, with its rich history and importance, not only gives visitors a chance to learn something about the culture but also helps them enjoy the side of life that offers serenity and peace, away from the daily hustle and bustle of life.

You can relax and plan your trip because some of the best places to visit in Pennsylvania are waiting for you and your loved ones to explore. Bring them along and enjoy a slice of paradise and peace, giving you the opportunity to spend quality time with them. 


1. What is the most visited town in Pennsylvania?

Philadelphia is the most visited town in Pennsylvania, along with 5 other cities.

2. Is Pennsylvania good for tourists?

Pennsylvania is one of the places to visit if you are into historical sites and their importance.

3. What are some of the best Pennsylvania outdoor activities?

Some of the best things to do outdoors in Pennsylvania include white-water rafting, hiking, skiing, and enjoying the scenic views.

4. What are some of the best outdoor family-friendly activities in Pennsylvania?

One of the best family-friendly activities to do in Pennsylvania is to visit the Hersheypark in Hershey for some of the most thrilling rides and entertainment. Another one is going hiking in the Pocono Mountains.

5. What is Pennsylvania Route 6?

Pennsylvania Route 6 is a long road that goes across the top part of Pennsylvania from the west to the east. It is about 400 miles long, and it goes through many beautiful, scenic places, such as small towns and green forests. It is a paradise for photographers to capture the beauty of this beautiful, serene place.

6. What is the hidden gem in Pennsylvania Falls?

Hickory Run State Park was voted to be the top hidden gem for fall. It is known for its beautiful scenery, which includes green forests, streams, and the breathtaking Boulder Field. You can explore hiking and picnicking options here.

7. What is the most popular snack in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania’s most popular snack is soft pretzels. It is a must-try for visitors with a unique taste.

8. What are some festivals in Pennsylvania?

Some festivals in Pennsylvania include the West Chester Restaurant Festiva, PA Baconfest, Lumaze, and many others. It is always best to check the city’s official websites to get much more clarity about the dates and location.


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