Lake Harmony PA: A Pocono Mountain Paradise

Lake Harmony PA: A Pocono Mountain Paradise

15 Mar 2024    Emma Adamson    About Lake harmony

Lake Harmony PA, as its name, carries a lot of serenity and peace. It adds to the beauty of Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. Lake Harmony has a lot to offer when it comes to serenity and natural beauty. People often tend to escape their daily, busy lifestyles and have a more relaxed state of mind when they are in this beautiful place.

Lake Harmony is blessed with a natural scenery that include the beautiful waters of Lake Harmony, itself. You can also get to witness tall trees and greenery. The air will leave you feeling as fresh as a day!

Lake Harmony offers a range of outdoor adventures, from leisurely walks along the scenic trails to exciting water activities such as boating, fishing, and swimming. If you want to cool off the hot summer, Lake Harmony’s waters the perfect place to do so.

In addition to its natural beauty, Lake Harmony offers a welcoming atmosphere and a close-knit community vibe. Visitors can find cozy cabins and beautiful cottages that showcase the breath-taking landscapes to rent. Charming local shops, local restaurants, and friendly faces are there for you at every corner, helping guests to explore their beautiful community.

Whether you are someone who enjoys outdoor adventure, relaxation or simply a chance to reconnect with nature, Lake Harmony promises you an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Things to do in Lake Harmony PA

Lake Harmony, PA, assures you a getaway to serenity that you will never forget. From just walking, to boating, or to simply admiring the nature’s beauty from the shore as the sun sets in hues of orange and pink.

Here are some of the most wonderful things to do around Lake Harmony PA:

1. Boating

lake harmony pa

Water enthusiasts will love their visit to Lake Harmony. Here, you can rent paddleboats, canoes, kayaks, and even pontoon boats to explore the beautiful waters the community. While you cruise through on your boat, you can also enjoy the breath-taking views of the Pocono Mountains. You can also pack a picnic and enjoy lunch on the water.

2. Fishing

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Whether you are trained angler or whether it is your first time trying your hand in fishing, the Lake Harmony waters will make your experience amazing! You can try your luck on catching bass, trout, perch, and lots more. Imagine being surrounded by the beautiful Pocono Mountains while you and your loved ones are out fishing and enjoying a freshly packed picnic! Oh, the serenity!

3. Hiking in Hickory Run State Park

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Hiking in Hickory Run State Park is like stepping into a magical world of nature’s wonders. The trails cross through dense forests, where the sunlight makes its way through the tall trees leaving behind a beautiful sight of light and shadows combined. As you walk, you will experience the fresh air that is filled with the earthy scents and wildflowers.

One of the best sights in this park is the Shades of Death Trail. Despite its scary name, the trail includes a lush green scenery making it breath-taking. The tall hemlock trees are in a perfect line, their branches reach for the skies, making it one of the most amazing things to do around Lake Harmony PA.

Restaurants in Lake Harmony PA

With the beautiful views Lake Harmony has to offer for all nature lovers, it also offers a wide range of dining options. Whether you are craving comfort food or a gourmet cuisine, there is a restaurant to accommodate every taste bud.

1. Nick’s Lake House

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Nick’s Lake house is located on the shores of Lake Harmony, offering dining experiences with a view. As you get in this restaurant, you are greeted with a lot of warmth. The interiors of this restaurant include rustic lanterns and the wonderful aroma of their delicious food.

The menu of this restaurant includes a variety of American classics (but with a twist) – from juicy burgers to fresh seafood platters. So, sit back comfortably and enjoy a sunset view as you take a bite into your pleasant food.

2. Terra-Cottage Café & Gift Shop

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This is a hidden gem located in the heart of Lake Harmony PA. When you step inside, you are greeted by a cozy ambience of a rustic cabin, with wooden beams overhead and warm, inviting décor. The freshly brewed coffee fills the air with a beautiful aroma throughout the room.

3. Jubilee Restaurant

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Jubilee Restaurant is a cozy dining spot, where delicious food and a friendly service come together to create a wonderful experience. The menu of this restaurant includes a mouthwatering selection of food, from a nice breakfast platter to sandwiches and classic diner entrees. Start your day with a fluffy pancakes or omelettes. Then enjoy juicy burgers, crispy fried chicken, or a meatloaf for lunch.

4. Piggy’s Restaurant

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At Piggy’s Restaurant, experience the “land of barbecues”. Think of it as a carnivore’s paradise. Get to taste barbecues that are tender, smoked up, and slathered in tangy barbecue sauce. But wait, Piggy’s restaurant is not all about barbecue, it also offers creamy macaroni and cheese to tangy coleslaw along with pork sandwiches.

5. Power House Eatery

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Powerhouse Eatery in Lake Harmony PA, is a charming restaurant that promises a unique dining experience in a historic setting. This restaurant has a really unique story, it was restored from a former power station. It has a rustic charm with modern elegance feel to it.

The food menu holds a variety of dishes made with the freshest of ingredients with the most professional culinary techniques. Crispy calamari, creamy spinach, and an artichoke dip – these are just a pre-meal, the real deal starts with grilled steaks, fresh seafood, or gourmet pasta dishes. These mouthwatering dishes make Powerhouse Eatery one of the best restaurants in Lake Harmony PA.


Lake Harmony PA, is a beautiful destination that offers you a perfect blend of natural beauty, amazing food options, and breathtaking attractions. From the still waters of Lake Harmony itself to the rocky landscapes of Hickory Run State Park, outdoor adventurers will get endless opportunities to explore nature in a way like never before.

This is also an amazing place for people who simply like to explore the still waters of Lake Harmony, PA, with a delicious picnic. A picnic with a backdrop of the beautiful Pocono Mountains, how wonderful is that?

If you are someone who loves nature and outdoor activities, this hidden gem is surely a place you wouldn’t want to leave out of your travel planner.

We hope this blog helped you get better insights about Lake Harmony PA and the many, wonderful things you can do here with your friends and family!

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