The Jack Frost Big Boulder complex is a renowned four-season recreational destination located in the  beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, offering a wide array of outdoor activities. Comprising two  distinct ski resorts, Jack Frost and Big Boulder, this complex caters to a diverse range of visitors throughout  the year. 
Jack Frost Ski Resort is a winter paradise for skiers, boasting 20 well-maintained slopes and trails suitable  for all skill levels. The resort's focus on family-friendly skiing provides a welcoming environment for  beginners and advanced skiers alike. Additionally, the terrain park offers opportunities for snowboarders  and freestyle skiers to showcase their skills. 
Big Boulder Ski Resort, part of the same complex, is a haven for snowboarders and terrain park enthusiasts.  Its 15 trails and a top-notch terrain park featuring jumps, rails, and other features make it a hub for  freestyle snow sports. The resort is also known for its snow tubing facilities, ensuring thrilling adventures  for visitors seeking a different winter experience.
During the summer months, the complex transforms into an outdoor playground with hiking, mountain  biking, and other warm-weather activities. The scenic lakes in the area provide opportunities for boating,  fishing, and relaxation. 
With its varied offerings and picturesque surroundings, the Jack Frost Big Boulder complex is a versatile  destination, attracting visitors year-round to enjoy the beauty and recreational opportunities of the Pocono  Mountains. 

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