Pocono Whitewater is an exhilarating adventure company located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains in  Pennsylvania, offering thrilling white water rafting experiences in the stunning Lehigh River Gorge. With a  rich history dating back over 40 years, Pocono Whitewater is a well-established and trusted provider of  outdoor recreational activities. 
The adventure begins with a journey down the Lehigh River, where participants are immersed in the natural  beauty of the Pocono Mountains. The river's rapids vary in intensity, ensuring that both novice and  experienced rafters can find an appropriate challenge. The trip includes calm stretches where you can soak  in the scenery and exciting rapids that will get your heart racing. 
In addition to white water rafting, Pocono Whitewater offers other adventure opportunities like kayaking,  biking, and hiking, making it a year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The Lehigh Gorge State Park,  through which the river flows, is home to rich flora and fauna, offering a unique opportunity to connect  with nature. 
Overall, Pocono Whitewater is renowned for providing thrilling and safe white water rafting experiences in  a beautiful natural setting, making it a popular choice for those seeking an adrenaline rush and a deep  connection with the great outdoors. 

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